What is a Theory test?


Being a good driver is about more than handling a car. You also need to know what road-signs mean, what makes for good road etiquette and how to anticipate dangers before they happen. This is why the Theory Test is designed to help you 'read the road'.

It's a sad but true fact that one in five new drivers have an accident in their first year. But research shows just three hours of 'hazard perception training' can really reduce the accident rate of new drivers.

The test is made up of two parts - a multiple-choice section and a hazard perception section. You'll need to pass both bits before you can book a driving test

What to expect on the day:


Don't get caught out on the day - take a few minutes to read this and be better prepared.

Registering for your test - When you arrive at the test centre, you'll need to register so don't forget your provisional driving licence and proof of ID. Your booking letter will also tell you what to take. You'll then be shown to a booth with a computer that's ready for your test.

Multiple choice questions - In the booth, you'll find instructions on how to use the computer. You can even do a 15-minute practice test to get used to it. For the actual test, you'll have a maximum of 57 minutes unless you have a special requirement.

To pass, you'll need to get 43 out of 50 answers correct. All the questions are multiple choice and you touch the screen to choose the answers you want.

Hazard perception test - The hazard perception section of the test will begin automatically after the multiple choice. A tutorial video will show what you need to do.

The test itself is made up of 14 minute-long video clips featuring various hazards. You respond by clicking the mouse to avoid the hazards - the faster you respond, the higher your score. You'll see 15 in total, each with a maximum of five marks. For car drivers you'll need to get 44 questions right out of a possible 75.

Getting your results - After the test, you go back to the waiting room and we'll bring your results through. You'll need to pass both bits of the test in the same session to pass your Theory test. If you pass the Theory, you'll need to pass the Practical test within two years to get a driving licence.

Gain more theory test advice at www.theorytestadvice.co.uk